A downloadable game for Windows

Dartford Street is a first-person puzzle game set in a 1919 London house.

You will take on the role of Arthur Evans, who, concerned about the disappearance of his fellow soldier, will travel to his home to unravel the mysteries he hides and learn the whereabouts of his friend.

- Download compressed file.
- Decompress.
- Run Dartford Street.exe
- You can change the language in Settings>Language / Opciones>Idioma

[W][A][S][D] movement of the player.
[Left click] to interact.
[Tab] to access the notes.

Improved oil lamp:
[Q] to enable/disable.

Víctor Ibañez   Producer & Designer     
J. Miguel Arranz   3D Artist & Programmer     
Emma Montserrat   3D & 2D Artist      
Roger Montané   Programmer      
Júlia Camba   Designer   


Dartford Street.zip 323 MB


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